Thursday, January 11, 2018

I can't believe I read the whole Fusion interview

After reading the entire transcript of the Fusion GPS interview with Congress I have come to several conclusions: It is important to recognize that there was much I didn’t understand as I didn’t have access to exhibits and didn’t understand all the situations discussed.

          Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS described the information not as dossier but as field reports of real interviews. Their goal was to gather information regarding Trump business involvement, good or bad. Fusion worked in partnership with Chris Steele as he was well respected throughout the world. Steele used a variety of reputable sources in his investigation. Due to confidentiality they did not say who hired them nor did they publicly reveal his sources.

          In their efforts to investigate Trumps business dealings with Russia, they were shocked as to what they discovered:

1.     Many of Trumps enterprises, including his golf courses in Scotland and Ireland were not making money although he had much invested in them.

2.     Trump made many business trips to Russia but never made any deals.

3.     The Trump family was selling merchandise made in sweat shops in Asia and Latin America.

4.     Trump was in business with Felix Sater in the Trump SOHO project.
a.      There were concerns about money laundering through Trump properties especially re: Felix Sater.
b.     According to Fusion, Felix Sater was connected to Russian Mafia. Trump said he didn’t know him but was connected to him, for many years even after Sater was exposed in many crimes.
c.      Sater was believed t be involved in money laundering of stolen money from Kazakhstan.

5.     Trump, in his businesses was allegedly involved with organized crime and other criminal figures in Asia, Russia, Latin America and other countries.

a.      Tevfik Arif, an organized crime figure in central Asia who was arrested for involvement in child prostitution.
b.     Irakle Kaveladze had ties to Russian Government
c.      Boris Goldstein connected to Russian intelligence.

From this information it appears that there was more to the story than just the business connections:

1.     Fusion discovered, according to them, that Carter Page had been the “go between” for the Trump campaign and the Russian Government.

2.     The Russian Mafia and Cyber-crime was a subcontractor to Russian Intelligence.
3.     Steele and Fusion were concerned that Trump was someone who was compromised by a hostile foreign power.

a.      Trump was doing favors for the Russian Government:
                                                             i.      GOP platform changed re: sanctions
                                                           ii.      Carter Page giving speech in Russia about dropping sanctions.
                                                        iii.      Trump praising Putin
                                                         iv.      Trump encouraged hacking in a speech

4.     It was obvious that there was a crime in progress, there was espionage. Russia was hacking into the computers of Democrats and think tanks. That's a computer crime.
The original purpose of presenting the reports to the FBI was that Chris Steele thought there was a security threat to the United States.

1.     My belief is that the original purpose of giving the so-called dossier to the FBI was to encourage them to dig deeper into the Russian connection.
2.     Steele and Simpson felt it their duty to report a crime for the betterment of the country.
3.     The FBI indicated they had similar information from an informant inside the Trump campaign.

There was a point in time that Chris Steele stopped talking to the FBI. Both he and Fusion became confused as to the direction of the FBI. This is important because it begs the question whether Comey was colluding with Trump, whether he was being manipulated by Trump or that he was being blackmailed.

a.      They were confused because the FBI reopened the Clinton E Mail investigation
b.     The FBI indicated, in a news story, that they had investigated the Russian issue and found nothing.
c.      They were thinking the FBI was colluding with the Trump campaigned.
d.     The best thing Simpson and Steele could do was to stand down until they figured what was going on.

As this investigation moved forward there was a greater effort to discredit it:
1.     After the election, Steele and Fusion GPS were concerned that the US had just elected someone who was compromised by Russian intelligence.

2.     White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeated fake news based on information from William Browder.

a.      William Browder was involved in money laundering from Russia to Cyprus.
b.     Hermitage Capital, Browders hedge fund, set up numerous companies in Cyprus to engage in inward investment into Russia,
c.      They falsely stated
                                                             i.      Fusion took money from Russia
                                                           ii.      Fusion was Democratic linked. Actually, Fusion worked for both sides on many issues.

Of course, I am only forwarding my opinion of what was said in the interview between Simpson and members of congress.  There is much more to the story including the Trump tower meeting, as Trump was eager to collect info about Hillary.

It is clear that this information was presented to the FBI for legitimate reasons and it was to give them direction. I do not understand the concern by many trying to discredit Fusion and Chris Steele.  This information must be confirmed to be legitimate.  If it is not legitimate, then it is just another piece of paper.

The phrase come to mine “Thou protest too much”. Why would they protest so much if the information was not going to be confirmed? The many people protesting this help me to believe the information is real and they are fully involved in the cover-up.
It becomes clearer by the day that the election was compromised and not legitimate.
1.     Ads influence votes. It’s no wonder politicians put so much money into them.
2.     Trump, through Page and others collaborated with the Russians including their Cyber criminal division of their government. This includes the hacking of the Democratic E Mails which influenced the election.
3.     Possible inclusion of Comey in the process to influence votes.
4.     Contact by Russian cyber criminals to actual election processes.

Let the games begin!

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