Monday, July 9, 2018

GOP has dumbest constituents Dems have dumbest leaders

While the GOP has the dumbest constituents, they also have the slickest leaders. Democrats, on the other hand, have the smartest constituents but their leaders get duped on a regular basis.  What is the evidence you ask?  Here goes three examples:

1.  When GOP says Democrats are for open borders, do you hear one Democrat say we support strong borders, we just don't support child abuse.  We support a legal process for all. We support workers coming in legally to pick our crops so we don't have to pay $10 a head for lettuce.  And 90%of GOP support the lies..

2.  When McConnell says Democrats won't vote for any Supreme Court nominee, do you hear Democrats say "What goes around, comes around"? No,we just say "we don't want your nominee"

3. When GOP says Democrats are baby killers, Democrats say "sure we are, but that's ok"  Do you hear one Democrat say we too don't want women to go through that traumatic process, we just have a smarter way to reduce abortions.  Free birth control, education, strongly protect women from rape.  How can anyone call Democrats baby killers when we do everything in our power to support women not having to go through this.  And we know making abortion illegal has never worked. But 90% of GOP support the con.

This is not to mention US stands against mothers milk at the UN

And the beat goes on!