Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ma Barkers Gang, or how to keep Trumps base in line.

According to Science Daily, ¨Confirmation bias is a phenomenon wherein decision makers have been shown to actively seek out and assign more weight to evidence that confirms their hypothesis and ignore or under weigh evidence that could disconfirm their hypothesis.”

The Confirmation bias is at epidemic levels.  Can you fathom the amount of crap thrown at us that somehow people believe? Everything from the snow ball in the halls of Congress to “only Congress can fix the immigration separation issue” is believed by many.

          In every election the confirmation bias is used to convince unsuspecting citizens that their candidate is right, and the opposing candidate is a liar.  And the danger of this issue is that this artificial branding of a candidate works.

          If you ask those inflicted by this bias who the biggest liar is between Trump and Hillary, they will still answer Lying Hillary.  Even when fact checkers indicated that Hillary was tied with Bernie as telling the least lies during the campaign at 28% and Trump was slightly behind Ben Carson at 75%, it’s lying Hillary.  When Trump has over 3000 documented lies since being inaugurated, he is still believed.

          The reason is the confirmation bias!  People only listen to what confirms their previous beliefs regardless of facts right in front of them. And when the liars can get more people to repeat their lies, or at least be silent if they disagree, those lies will be believed.

          Why does the President have so many family members as his advisers? For a reference just look at history.  Ma Barkers Gang!  Ma Barker had her children do bad things under her control. 

          When Pa Trumps gang spews his evil lies, all his loyalists, extensions of his gang, sell their soul to the devil and his family is guarantied to support him or remain silent, thus allowing the confirmation bias to become active in his cult of believers.

          This will repeat itself at election time. Trump supporters running for office will depend on the confirmation bias to get elected. 

          It is time for all true Americans to rise above the confirmation bias. Don’t believe anything you hear or read and only half of what you see in person.  Find reliable sources to research all issues yourself. 

You never know what information is provided by Russian bots or lying Pa Trumps Gang! So we must shout the truth over and over again!

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