Friday, May 15, 2020

Creating small class size through innovation

As students return to school it is evident that their health and safety be maintained.  Essential to this is small class sizes to allow sufficient space between students.  Social distancing is literally imposible with 30 students and more in a room.However, there are creative ideas that could help achieve the goal of a safe environment.

First, of course, is to creatre small class size with an emergency increase in the school budget.  This is ideal but unlikely.

Another thought is through a team teaching concept we used at Milwaukee Village School.  we teamed two teachers, a special ed teacher and an educational assisstant with 60 students.  All for educators were simply called teachers.  The special education teacher would serve general education students as well as those with special education needs based on their individual needs.  There are many students regardless of "labels" that have the same needs.

The educational assistants in many states can do the same things certified teachers do under the direction of the teacher.  Educational assisants could over see a project, a computer lab, a review group, a discussion session reading clubs as defined in my books at and many other activities.  The ideas are endless.

Additional small spaces could be located throughout the building to assure for social distancing.

Another thought is to utilize community learning centers such as those run by the TMCA and other groups.  While one group of students could attend school on M, W. F, T. TH, alternate days could be held in a separate facility where they could receive support in the academics as prescribed by the teacher as well as the arts, physical fitness and a wide range of real life skills.  Auto maintenance, farming, and let your mind wander.

A third possibility would be coordinated home study for those who might want to do some home schooling.  Dr. Angela Dye is developing a program for this purpose.  I am hoping to hear from her soon as this progresses.


Creative ideas are everywhere if we only take time to develop them.  For more ideas, refer to my book Stop Politically Driven Education at

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