Monday, October 16, 2017

No one wants an abortion (update)

Democrats have been backed into a position where they are perceived as pro-abortion. I don’t know anyone who wakes up in the morning yearning for an abortion. Those who say they know someone are immersed in political rhetoric. Abortions are devastating for the woman as well as a morality issue for some. But we continue to hear from the MEGA GOP that Democrats want to see more abortions. They argue that abortions should be under the control of the government while Democrats argue that the choice is for the woman to make. 

The question that is being ignored is, how can abortions be reduced without interfering with the woman’s right to choose? Let's do some critical thinking! Making abortions illegal puts them inder the control of government thus making them dangerous. There are way too many situations to be considered to make it a "one size fits all" decision.

In addition to supporting choice, isn't it just as important to put a focus on doing everything possible to reduce the need for an abortion. The first that comes from the Evangelicos is abstinance. Who in the MAGA GOP will be the first to volunteer for that approach? Nor is it realistic for anyone to think they are going to stop millions of people from having sex. I understand that is the view of many religions and I am ok with that.  However, if the pastor of those churches would say "Those without sin cast the first stone", I doubt that anyone would have to take cover due to the enormous amount of stones being thrown.

Consider this: free birth control led to dramatically lower rates of abortions and teen births, a large CBS news study concluded. “The project tracked more than 9,000 women in St. Louis, many of them poor or uninsured. They were given their choice of a range of contraceptive methods at no cost — from birth control pills to goof-proof options like the IUD or a match stick-sized implant."

When price wasn't an issue, women flocked to the most effective contraceptives — the implanted options, which typically cost hundreds of dollars up-front to insert. These women experienced far fewer unintended pregnancies as a result, reported Dr. Jeffrey Peipert of Washington University in St. Louis..."  There were 6.3 births per 1,000 teenagers in the study. Compare that to a national rate of 34 births per 1,000 teens in 2010. That rate dropped to 24.2 in 2014 due to the easy availability of birth control.

Education along with free birth control, can make great strides in eliminating the need for abortions. Isn't that what we want? And, of course, Planned Parenthood is a leader in contraceptive distribution. Closing Planned Parenthood equals more abortions.

Given that, according to the Orlando Woman’s Center:
•        One woman dies every 7 minutes around the world due to an unsafe illegal abortion.
•        Making abortion illegal or legal has no effect on the total number of abortions.
•        Making abortion legal dramatically reduces maternal morbidity and mortality.
•        Nearly 50% of pregnancies that occur yearly are unwanted with nearly ½ of those pregnant women terminating their pregnancy. 42 million choose to terminate their pregnancy.

It's time to support the reduction of abortions by 5% each year through education,and through a program of free contraception for everyone who wants it.

Rape and incest must also be attacked from every angle. Short of the old timey "razor blade" option, matbe technology could get involved.

It is important that Democrats use their powerful Megaphone to put an equal amount of attention on prevention thus offering an even handed approach to the abortion issue.