Monday, June 24, 2019

The Greatest Enabler of Racism


Whether it is believing everyone in poverty will have their learning negatively affected or that no one in poverty will (poverty isn't destiny), the system is ill equipped to serve all children in the way they learn best.  Everything from low expectations for those in poverty who are fortunate enough to avoid the roadblocks poverty causes to unrealistic expectations for those who are devastated by roadblocks such as childhood stress, to malnutrition, to drinking too much Flint Michigan water, to sleep deprivation, to Racism, the  systems response is inadequate.  And that inadequacy in itself is Racism!

When black children, with help from family and others, avoid the afore mentioned roadblocks, it is easy to dump them into the generalization of poverty thus leading to low expectations.  However, when black children are devastated by those roadblocks, and the system puts them into a pass or fail mandate without teaching them in the way they learn best, and without waiting for them when the need arises, the schools systematically destroy them.  THAT IS SYSTEMIC RACISM AND IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY IN ALMOST EVERY SCHOOL.

The biggest mistake of past centuries in teaching has been to treat all students as if they were variants of the same individual and thus to feel justified in teaching them all the same.”  Dr. Howard Gardner

Envision a school where all children have equal access to a quality education, taught in a way that is real, taken from “where they are” on their pathway to success at their best rate. Where learning opens doors to the dreams of every child, recognizing that no one will ever know where or when genius will unfold until it evolves.

Imagine a school where assessment is not cheapened by the narrow scope of the standardized test but broadened to become a stepping-stone for the whole child learning experience. A school where, as in life, learning is a constant flow of problem-solving experiences driven by the reality that failure is not only an option but an integral tool, guiding students on their pathway to success. And where teachers have the freedom to innovate in the best interest of their students.

A solution is to subvert the system, for the agenda of children, beginning in the trenches.  This is not as difficult as it seems, but it will take guts.  I developed a fully public school (Milwaukee Village School), years back, that proved that much of the change I recommend in this book can be implemented.  

This book will give teachers in the trenches a pathway to subverting their schools for the betterment of children while giving future teachers an eye opening experience.

Stop Politically Driven Education
Subverting the System to Build a New School Model

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