Sunday, August 19, 2018

Watch out for the SPIN

Watch out for the Spin in politics because it happens all the time. And the media continuously falls for it as do we the ordinary citizens.  The SPIN starts out with a statement that is rational and then switches to one that is logical but not rational.

Example number one: The rational statement is that many Democrats support Roe vs Wade. The SPIN then suggests that Democrats want to kill babies due to that stance.  And that is not rational.  I put an amendment in the North Carolina Congressional District 11 platform that Democrats do everything possible to eliminate the need for abortion, such as free birth control, education etc. And here, in the South, that amendment was accepted unanimously.  Does that sound like baby killers to you?

Example number two: Chuck Todd had a discussion with Rudi Giuliani that talked about why the truth isn't the truth.  The question was about the credibility of Jim Comey's statement about what Trump told him in a private meeting.  Rudi suggested that special counsel Mueller would believe Jim Comey over Donald Trump regarding statements made about Michael Flynn.  They argued that point back and forth.  Giuliani said Mueller would believe his friend Comey while Chuck Todd questioned why would Mueller believe a know liar.  They both missed the point.  It is not what Mueller believes, it's what the jury will believe.  Juries seldom believe he say she say.  Mueller will present what the jury will accept. That should be the conversation.  Chuck Todd fell for it!

Example number three:  The rational statement:"Mueller is investigating the Russian involvement in hacking the recent Presidential election.  Now the SPIN,  "The Russia probe is a witch hunt."  Let's go back to the beginning.  Can you say "Russian investigation"?  Why is the Russian investigation a witch hunt when numurous Russians have been indicted?  Because the spin has changed the subject.  It appears that paranoia or fear by those who are involved in wrong doing have flipped it to a fake investigation into the actions of the President.  The issue becomes how to protect the President, in the process the politicians are protecting Communist Russia.  That is the question that must be asked.  Why are they protecting a Communist country that is fighting a cyber war on our country?  Keep the focus on the facts,not the spin.

Example number four:  The Steele "dossier" brought out information that may or may not be helpful to the FBI and ultimately to the Mueller investigation.  The Clinton campaign and/or DNC hired Fusion GPS who hired Michael Steele to investigate Trumps background. Now the spin.  The "dossier" was biased and it influenced the Mueller investigation.  The bottom line of reality is simple.  The Steele "dossier" did not cause the investigation but more importantly, it doesn't matter who paid for it.  If it came from Attila the Hun it would still be investigated if it was determined it had information that might be helpful.  The importance was the information was a tip that the FBI found worthy of checking out.  That's all!  If confirmed, they act on it.  If not confirmed, they shred it and move on.  The FBI is obligated to check information regardless of where it comes from and determine it's value. It's just another diversion.  And is spying on Russia the same as collaborating with Russia?  I think not.  DUH!

And don't let me get started about uranium.

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