Saturday, August 26, 2023

The Racist School System Will Never Change

 The current racist system of education will never change.  There are several reasons why. With the help from the words of George Carlin,  "The owners don't want it to change." The real owners.  The ones who own the corporations, who own the politicians, who own the educators who own the schools.  They are quite satisfied with the things the way they are.  They have no problem having students in a race to see who is first rather than  serving all children.  That way they can keep costs down by pushing out those students that the elite believe have no value.  Thomas Jefferson referred to the purpose of education as raking a few geniuses from the rubbish.  Guess who the rubbish are in their minds.  

But this problem is much deeper,  The problem is most folks have drunk the koolaid.  White folks are satisfied with the fake success of  their children.  THey love the accoladesPoor white folks whose children have obstacles in the way of learning have  accepted their reality that their children will drop out and work menial jobs.  Black Folks want to prove their children can win while poor black folks accept the D and F grades that prove their child is stupid.  Although that is not true, the Koolaid drinkers pound that into their heads,  "Students in this zip code are failures".  Which is racist believing every student in that zip code is the same. Remember poverty is not destiny?  This is racist because it assumes that every child in poverty is the same.  And on and on we go.

As everyone believes their children must be first and their schools must be first, they will not stop until that fake reality is accomplished. The bottom line is theat everyone wants their child to be first, not realizing that when someone finishes first, it is mathematically impossible not to have someone finishing last.  And the first win and the last lose.  That's what the owners want. They want those with obstacles in their way to lose so they can blame the teachers.  The goal is to maintain the subclass. And the owners win!

The result is that everyone is satisfied or accepting of the current system.  And no one cares about those who finish last.  We give up on failing students and are satisfied when they drop out.  It saves money.  As one teacher told me as I looked for a particular student to support "don't worry, he will be 16 soon and will dissappear."