Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Get politicians the hell out of education!

It is essential to continue to point out the flaws that exist with many charter schools, but that doesn't solve the problem. The problem is systemic and until we face that, we will continue to fail the children. Without systemic change we will continue to muddle through, pointing fingers and accomplishing little.

Over ten years ago I stated on my websire "if traditional public schools don't change, they will perish". Little has changed since then. The politicizing of schools has forced them into the abyss with little hope for the future. Superintendents have fallen under the control of politicians and have lost their perspective as to the fundamental purpose of education.

For change to happen we must realize that it won't happen from the top down. This is a call to action for teachers to take back their profession, for children to be empowered to find their pathway to success and parents to become full partners in the process. It is time for the agenda of children to overcome the agenda of politicians. It's time for an agenda that embraces a culture of critical thinking in everyday life. It is time for chilkdren to rise above the confirmation bias, to leave their comfort zone and sretch their minds to the stars and beyond.

While our politicians are stumbling and bumbling, chasing their tails trying to force children into a tiny box full of word games and math riddles, the time is right for those teachers in the trenches to sabotage the system from the bottom up for the betterment of children.

In the words of historian James Anderson, "We are still trying to develop both the philosophy as well as a system of education which really does respect the intelligence and abilities of ordinary people."

Envision a school where all children have equal access to a quality education, taught in a way that is real, taken from “where they are” on their pathway to success at their best rate. Where learning opens doors to the dreams of every child, recognizing that no one will ever know where or when genius will unfold until it evolves. Imagine a school where assessment is not cheapened by the narrow scope of the standardized test, but broadened to become a stepping stone for the whole child learning experience. A school where, as in life, learning is a constant flow of problem solving experiences driven by the reality that failure is not only an option but an integral tool, guiding students on their pathway to success. And where teachers have the freedom to innovate in the best interest of their students.

The time is now to subvert the systen of education in a clandestine manner, from the bottom up and force the change that we as educators were prepared for. 

A step by step road map to this sabotage will be found in my new book "Stop Politically Driven Education". Take this book and use it as a guideline for your teachers, children and parents to bring the agenda of children to your school. (but don't tell the politicians)

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