Friday, June 23, 2023


In September of 2023 a crisis will come to those schools that begin their school year at that time.  Those students who are still lagging behind in reading, due to the pendemic, will be in the cross hairs of history.  It is possible and even probable that thousands will be retained in line with their current reading scores. Tennessee has already made moves in that direction. 

Others will become victims of the usual sneaking and conniving of the current system of schools.  Is it possible that students will be sent to tutoring for the sole purpose of exchanging learning for sitting time?  Will naive school system administrators and school boards pretend that by going to tutoring, they may now be promoted?  Are grade levels really an indicator of achievement?  Have they ever been?

It's easy.  When students of lower level reading skills are discovered in classes aligned with their age, THEY CAN SIMPLY BLAME THE TEACHERS!

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