Thursday, July 20, 2023


There is a big discussion, led by the right, trying to say teachers are indoctrinating Chidren in school as they themselves are developing programs of indoctrination.  Here's the scoop.  students have been indoctrinated for centuries but not in the way you might think.

Think about textbooks the standardized test, the true leaders of education known as corporations and even the politicians stick there nose where it doesn't belong.

Did students do their research to determine who discovered America?  Or were they forced to believe it was that wonderful, kind man Columbus?  Further research, if the text book companies cared to do it painted quite a different picture of Columbus and it isn't pretty.

What about the standardized test.  Are students even allowed to research, analyze their research, collaborate with others and debate their conclusion?  Of course not.  Pick up your #2 pencils, don't say a word and give the answers the testing companies want.

And then their is the chapter tests especially  in history.  What an unbelievable white wash of history.  Do you think they might have missed a few things that were uncomfortable with.  Isn't it time to turn the students loose to do their own research?  To come up with their own answers.  Then we might realize, like Stuart Stotts says in song, there are "so many ways to be smart."

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